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i ran a marathon. i ran 26.2 fucking miles (that’s 42 kilometers for my metric system peeps). without walking. for a kid who grew up being the last one picked in PE class, a girl who was nerdy and awkward, … Continue reading


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i spent two days in london for work last month. it was the first time i was there on my own and it felt good to walk around with no agenda. i also got to see tara, my sister’s best … Continue reading

the girl who reads

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a dear friend sent me the text below. there is a great joy that comes from feeling understood. “You should date an illiterate girl. Date a girl who doesn’t read. Find her in the weary squalor of a Midwestern bar. … Continue reading

the gamache sisters

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i met allison at work when she had just arrived in south florida from seattle. this poor white girl felt so out of place in hispanic country so i extended my brazilian warmth to make her feel welcome (and show … Continue reading

amarillo hops

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my friend allison’s grandfather discovered amarillo hops and patented the variety a while back. luckily, it was harvest season when i visited her last month and i got a full tour of the farm and the procedure, from harvest to … Continue reading

i’m with the band

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washington state music festival + being friends with people from the band + camping + beer = amazing time for more information on the band not amy visit their fb page. you can also watch chad bault’s intimate performance for … Continue reading

oh canada

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british columbia has been on my to go list for quite some time. i spent three days traveling alone between alaska and seattle. the train ride vancouver-seattle is something i will not soon forget.