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i spent two days in london for work last month. it was the first time i was there on my own and it felt good to walk around with no agenda.
i also got to see tara, my sister’s best friend and my favorite brit.

proper tea time at timberyard:



my kind of buildings:


these kids saw me walking around taking pictures and thought i was lost, so they came over to check if i needed directions… things like that make my day:


london staples that never get old to me:

.this street made me think of sweeney todd – minus the flowers:


i was told by my british friends that this is proper british lavender:


tara: “gil, i’m gonna give you the full british experience, we’re gonna have champagne and strawberries at the park because that is what british people do in the summer.”

me: “tara, i think the whole world does that in the summer. and this is cava not champagne.”

tara: “oh, fuck off mate!” :)


horrible iPhone photo of tara and i… i love that treacle tart:


ricky, the coolest cab driver in all london:


ricky and i talked for the entire 1 hour cab ride to heathrow. he told me how it takes an average of 3 years to study to become a cab driver in london (they need a clean criminal record, are self employed, and cannot use GPS!). i also learned about the protests that cabbies have been doing against apps like Uber as they take away their business.

ricky also mentioned that he has a crush on kate beckinsale and she was in his cab a week before me :)


all images taken with fuji 400h film (except the one i’m in).

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  1. Janete

    Love this! Love London, love Tara!

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