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i’m moving to france.

i can’t even believe it myself when i say it. i wake up in the middle of the night and wonder sometimes if this is really happening to me.

i love the united states with all my heart, but for some time now i have felt ready for a change, for a new challenge. i’ve been entertaining the idea to move to europe for a few years and since i was a little girl i’ve had a love affair with france. so when the opportunity manifested i couldn’t pass it up. my job opened an office in the south of france and i’ll be working there starting next month.

the mixture of feelings is overwhelming… i am excited about what lies ahead, sad to leave so many wonderful friends behind, scared to start again in a new country. sometimes i find myself thinking that here i am, 17 years later, doing the same thing i did when i moved to america… going to a country where i know one person, and i don’t speak the language! oh well, i am packed and ready to take on new horizons…

cheers to making things happen and never settling into that comfortable zone.

i took this picture during my first trip to paris almost 10 years ago…


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