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denekamp, netherlands

i love my sister more than words can say. a few years ago she was on vacation in spain and met dirk, the dutch man she is now married to. dirk is kind, funny, wise and calm… which is a great balance to my sister’s brazilian craziness. after living in london for a few years, they decided to settle in dirk’s hometown: denekamp, which is a small and quaint place on the border with germany.

i can foresee many christmas spent there with my new niece/nephew (s) :)
here are some photos from my visit in early july.


  1. Janete

    My beautiful sister, thanku for the kind words and lovely photos. I’m on the lookout for a job for you here so we can be the 2 village sisters! haha I love you so much and can’t wait til xmas! Tot ziens mijn schat

  2. Harm Meek

    Lovely to see these photos and that Janete enjoys living in Denekamp!

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