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i ran a marathon.
i ran 26.2 fucking miles (that’s 42 kilometers for my metric system peeps). without walking.

for a kid who grew up being the last one picked in PE class, a girl who was nerdy and awkward, and a woman who didn’t exercise until well into her 30s and never ran more than 3 miles until 2 years ago… this is a MAJOR accomplishment.

i have never been one to stay in my comfort zone, but in the last few years, i reaaaaaaaally set out to challenge myself, and become the best that i can possibly be (in all aspects of my life). running a marathon was something so far fetched and out of my realm that when i wrote down my “2014 goals” on january 1st, i think i only partially meant it. i never thought i could actually do it. then i signed up for the chicago marathon lottery and a few months later got the email that i had been picked. oh shit.

the whole trip to chicago and doing this on my own was so self empowering that i feel like i can do anything now. crossing the finish line was especially emotional. as my usual dorky self i cried… and took this selfie for posterity.


ps. i can’t figure out how to turn my iPhone photos properly for this blog and it’s pissing me off.

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  1. Janete

    Well done you! Really, i never thought this would ever happen… me not running at all and you running a marathon! haha
    So proud of you sis (who used to run away from sports)!
    Love you xxx

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